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Yi v. Montgomery County Department of Transportation

United States District Court, D. Maryland

August 29, 2016

CHONG SU YI, Plaintiff


          Paul w. Grimm United States District Judge

         The above-captioned Complaint was filed together with a Motion to Proceed in Forma Pauperis. ECF NO.2. Because Plaintiff appears to be indigent, the motion shall be granted.

         The Complaint characterizes the facts and arguments in this case as:

Plaintiff drives vehicle and has received numerous citation via driving above posted speed limit; in moving violation; these are done by WWW; world wide web; or commonly known as Over IP; internet protocol; which has two components; hardware and software;
Hardware is substantive tangible; hard at touch; software is defined as because it is 'not hardware' therefore software; and software is always a program or its variant; program is akin to stacking of Lego block; in embodiment of task;.which is closed loop; no program is open loop; all programs are closed loop; except program has million color few in Lego blocks;
Hardware is what a programmer rely on to bring software to final tangible substantive result; whether from printed hard copy or displayed on screen; via user interface; i.e. typically keyboard, touch screen; if this is not met; then it does not meet hardware quantification.
When a programmer write a program; for tangible output; usually via user interface; it's always self contained environment when it goes outside; its via communication channel; wire or wireless; and these could traverse private land or public land; and is outside of native environment between two native environment interaction; or via interface; i.e. wire, or wireless; which makes three systems; one originator one destination interaction between the two;
Simplest way to explain Lego block approach is; use Lego block to build a Lego dominos; to form an image; after it has fallen; If image is dinner table; and there are anticipated 4 guests; programmer must anticipate all the needs for 4 guests; utensils napkins seats etc.; all must be present: and not missing when time to use it; having to terminate operation; called crash; freeze; of computer; The difference between programmer and software developer is elegance; because in elegance is intelligence; i.e. program ipso facto in the prior ordo cogniscend
In WWW the signal goes from originator to destination which could be separated by feet to miles to several states even continents; distance becomes immaterial; due to switches and routers; to let destination computer to draw domino image; for this to happen there has to be a handshake; recognition; then two distinctively separate hardware could have free flow of information as oil pipe or gas pipe may;
To achieve this; the system; i.e. both hardware at originator and destination; is called a system; or virtual system; since the moment task is ended the hand shake ends and there is termination; via HTTP; Hypertext Transfer Protoco;; was invented because a scientist did not want to walk down the hall to office; from his office; daily having to hand over piece of paper; which File Transfer Protoco;; ftp//; is not designed to do; and Plaintiff owns invention of ftp//, http// in over IP; includes via Terminal; and entire ftp//naming in alphanumeric;
So he invented http/l; which is akin to frog unfurling tongue and catching a fly to its mouth; and action of tongue is called hyperlink; what causes it is 'tripping of circuit breaker;; in computer terminology its called 'flag;; because flag goes up and comes down; So all it does is from massive amount of data; i.e. encyclopedia; needs ftp//; takes one paragraph by marking it and retrieving it; is called http/I; is now known as WWW;
To reach from origination hardware to destination hardware; there are numerous switches and routers; which flow of information; common denominator is called packet; similar to grains of sand being poured to mold; to produce output; or assemble, is molded sand castle; and these switches and routers often belong to other jurisdiction outside of original self contained jurisdiction; or native environment Each grain of sand is not tagged; as each grain passes through each router or switches; to authenticate these has passed through outside of native environment similar to stamp on passport; of each nation visit; yet these data traverses private and public land without court order; to reach destination; and or arrive at origination hardware; Under this environment Montgomery County Department of Transportation has used video which could traverse numerous private public land; to arrive at photograph or video; to produce violation image; and these in and out of signals were not authenticated each time it traversed from one to next; even 100s or 1000s changes; problem here is 'chain of evidence' is not established; any evidence changes hand so many times and does not have chain of evidence; properly established; or court's order or court's warrant allowing it; cannot be admitted as evidence in court of law:

Comp. ¶ 4, ECF1.

         Plaintiff seeks damages in the amount of $580, 750, ...

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Download the entire decision to receive the complete text, official citation,
docket number, dissents and concurrences, and footnotes for this case.

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